Outstanding Siberian Husky Litter – Some may still be available

❤️ We proudly present our last Siberian Husky litter, the breed of our souls. ❤️ Below you can see our beautiful puppies growing up. They have just turned 1 month and they are as sweet as they come! Some may still be AVAILABLE for the right home.

⭐️ Akita Inu Special Litter – Check for availability ⭐️

Last time we said that we wanted to keep you guys more in the loop with what we do, so here we are again! :)😌 We are so excited to announce our latest Japanese Akita litter, a breed that we’ve been admiring & raising for many years now for their devotion, affection & character. We invite you to watch them […] Continue Reading


We are really happy to announce our first litter from World Champion SAMURAIGIARDINIDIMEIJI – Samurai and our beautiful girl, Keeiko of Wolf Point! The images just speak for themselves! P.S.: None of the pups are available!


We are happy to announce 2 new Shiba Inu litters! Some of the pups are STILL AVAILABLE & looking for their forever homes and families. If you want more details, don’t hesitate to call us!

New Siberian Husky Litter ❤️

We are very very happy with our last litter of Siberian Husky! The pups are just incredible! SIRE: SHOOTING STAR OF SILVERLIGHT DAM: TUNDRA OF WOLF POINT

New Akita Inu Litter ❤️

We are really proud to present our new Akita Inu litter! We’re just in love with all the pups! 😍

Shiba Inu Litter – R ❤️

Litter R is ready to go to their forever new homes – Belgium, Poland, Russia & Brazil! We are really pleased with the quality of these pups! SIRE: Link of Ghibli’s SpiritDAM: Keiko of Wolf Point We are very proud of this exceptional and homogenous Shiba Inu litter & wishing them an amazing life with their new families!

New Shiba Inu Litter ❤️

We are so excited to have almost all colours of puppies in our last litter! We’ll let the images speak for themselves!